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Youngblood for Judge!

CHASTITY YOUNGBLOOD was born and raised in southwest Detroit, where she graduated from Southwestern High School.  As a first-generation college student, she is a proud alumna of Michigan State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree.  With a passion for law and public service, she continued her education at Wayne University Law School where she obtained her Juris Doctor degree.


For almost 12 years, Chastity Youngblood has served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney (APA) for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.  She began her career in the Preliminary Exam’s Unit, holding probable cause hearings at 36th District Court.  She was soon transferred to the General Trial’s Unit where she worked tirelessly to keep Wayne County neighborhoods safe from narcotics and guns.  She also successfully litigated other felonies that included assaultive crimes, home invasions, robberies, and homicides.  As a senior APA she was promoted to a Team Leader, where she oversaw a team of newer attorneys, as well as handled specially assigned homicides and cases that had intricate facts, complex legal issues, multiple defendants, and/or other capital charges.

Chastity Youngblood is currently assigned to the Conviction Integrity Unit where she investigates claims of wrongful conviction.  She utilizes her extensive trial experience to assist her in determining if sufficient evidence has been presented to support an innocence claim, or to determine if an individual’s trial process was flawed to the extent that the integrity of their verdict is undermined.  Since its start in 2018, the CIU has successfully assisted in over 30 exonerations/grants of relief for individuals wrongfully convicted.  Chastity Youngblood has an immense passion for the work of the CIU and has a deep appreciation for the awareness it brings to the need for reform within the criminal justice system.  

Growing up in the inner city of Detroit, along with her experiences at the Prosecutor’s Office, has instilled in Chastity Youngblood the importance of representation, compassion, fairness, impartiality, and integrity on the bench.  As a mother of two boys, keeping neighborhoods safe is a priority for her, while also upholding the Constitutional rights of those accused of a crime.  She understands the importance of ensuring that Wayne County residents have equal access and rights under the law and that the Court is transparent in its operation.  

Her commitment to the community and her unique passion for helping others extends far beyond the courtroom.  This has been demonstrated through community mentorship and consistent volunteer acts.  She currently sits on the Board of Directors for Prim & Prosper, a nonprofit mentorship organization that serves female high school students with a focus on community awareness, empowerment, health and wellness and professional development.  She also volunteers her time to help with various food and clothing drives throughout Wayne County.    

Chastity Youngblood is a member of the Detroit Bar Association, The Wolverine Bar Association, The Straker Bar Association, the Black Women Lawyers Association, and the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan.Chastity Youngblood is known for her integrity and has a reputation of being honest, fair, and an advocate for true justice for all.  She is well respected in the legal community among judges, the defense bar, fellow prosecuting attorneys, and various law enforcement agencies.  

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